DokiCasa, a set of online services to help real estate agents

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Every real estate agent faces a series of low added value activities on a daily basis, which end up wasting precious time and which, if not carried out with the right attention, have negative impacts on relationships with their customers. You will have understood, we are talking about bureaucratic formalities and “practices”, in the most generic sense of the term, inherent to the “core business” of the brokers and therefore the lease and sale contracts.

The ideal solution, in these cases, is to outsource these activities, thus completing them in the shortest possible time, to focus on what really brings value to the business.

And it is precisely for this purpose that in June 2020 DokiCasa was born, an innovative startup creator of a technological platform of online real estate services, with a single and clear goal: to help real estate agencies to digitize themselves, offering them some online services, which allow them to operate in total autonomy and with maximum safety.

To learn more about the services and allow our readers to learn more, we interviewed both the founder of DokiCasa, Nicola Mariucci, and his partner, Christian Cantata, who told us about their project.

Hi Nicola, first of all thanks for this interview. Let’s get to know each other better: tell us a little more about you and Christian.

I am an engineer who has always been passionate about the real estate world, it is no coincidence that my mother is the owner of a real estate agency and my father is an architect, they have been working in the real estate world for over 30 years, they love their work and they have transmitted to me great enthusiasm and curiosity.

I live in Turin, a city where the real estate market has gone through difficult years and which, for this very reason, is now an excellent environment to cradle new ideas. I am also a big fan of technology and this is where Christian, a well-known programmer in the digital startup world, comes in. Christian is the one who transforms the complex into simple, “just a click away”. Our skills are complementary, we think this could be the right mix for the success of the DokiCasa project.

We come now to DokiCasa, why the idea of ​​giving life to this project?

DokiCasa was born from a specific need on the part of agencies: optimizing time, which never seems to be enough, reducing activities with low added value, expanding the services of the real estate agency to stand out from the competition and be able to work remotely.

By offering which services, DokiCasa is able to satisfy all these needs?

DokiCasa, for the moment, offers five different services:

  • Contracts: in just 5 minutes you can fill out and download a customized and ready-to-use lease or sale agreement online in Word and pdf format
  • Signature: in just 2 minutes it is possible to remotely sign a contract or document without the need for physical presence and with full legal value, through an Advanced Electronic Signature (FEA)
  • Registration: in less than 48 hours DokiCasa electronically registers a lease or its obligations
  • Consultancy: DokiCasa offers consultancy and legal assistance from affiliated professionals in the sector or from experienced real estate lawyers
  • Surveys and floor plans: in less than 24 hours you can obtain real estate surveys and floor plans, with a simple click.

What are the strengths of DokiCasa, which should induce a real estate agent to choose your services?

Our strategy, our way of working and proposing ourselves to our customers is based on three key words: simplefastand personalized.

An easy-to-use platform is in fact easy to use, does not require initial training, reduces stress and quickly solves an actual problem for those who use it.

Fast because each service offered by DokiCasa is requested independently and obtained immediately. It takes less than five minutes to fill out a contract. To sign it only two. We register the leases in less than 48 hours.

Personalized because each real estate agency can integrate our services into its processes and can make specific customization requests that we are always able to accommodate.

So is it possible to fill out and download, sign and register a lease completely online?

Absolutely yes, in total autonomy and in less than ten minutes, seeing is believing! The saving of time and the consequent saving of money are guaranteed.

It is important to point out that we give agencies the opportunity to try this combination for free: contract + signature + registration.

How do you think the job of the real estate agent will change in the coming years?

There are some important premises to be made, before answering this question: we live in a country in which human relations are of fundamental importance (we cannot deny it, it is part of our nature) and consequently physical intermediation is not intended to disappear or shrink, indeed. It is also true that digitization and the advancement of technology, including in the real estate field, will facilitate the obtaining of information and / or services independently by private citizens. The information is many, easily accessible, true, but often conflicting and generating fears and insecurities.

We believe that, precisely for these reasons, the real estate agent will increasingly become a “consultancy” and “assistance” point of reference, and that his business will increasingly turn towards a real “problem solver” approach, with the natural consequence of a concluded sale or lease.

DokiCasa also supports real estate agents in this, making their work easier.

Which agencies or real estate agents is your platform best suited to?

The main intent for real estate agencies is to expand their range of services, even on the move, to digitize contractual processes and – last but not least – to save precious time and money. All these points are in line with our services and our project.

Agencies and professionals in the sector choose us because:

  • They need a smart service, which allows them to focus on the proposition and negotiation phase
  • They want to digitize their business and need assistance with specific services
  • They want to expand their offer and offer services in full mobility, saving time

Last question: is there any news on the digitization of real estate services in the coming months?

Absolutely yes, but for the moment we don’t want to reveal anything! We have many ideas and new services to be integrated, always following our mission to make clear, accessible to all and above all usable services relating to the sale and rental.