Local real estate SEO: 3 activities to make the most of it

Local real estate SEO

Today we will talk to you about local real estate SEO: think about it, each person interested in buying a product or service, where does their research start from? He relies on word of mouth from friends and colleagues or asks directly to the various search engines, Google in the first place.

Focusing on the second operation, the one that is carried out in the digital environment, the potential customer interested in buying a property starts typing keywords relevant to his search, with the object and the name of the location to more easily reach his need, for example, “houses for rent in Rome”.

Undoubtedly, the online visibility of your real estate agency is a determining factor in making you quickly find and beat the increasingly updated competition regarding new real estate web marketing issues. There is nothing to be done, the first page of Google results is the most coveted, reaching the first place is the dream of any entrepreneur to make himself known and consequently, build solid relationships with the customer. 

Have you ever thought about breaking into the web and attracting customers to your real estate agency? Start implementing an effective real estate local SEO strategy now!

Local real estate SEO: what does it mean?

Local real estate SEO essentially aims to offer the contents of the real estate agency, products or services online in a specific geographical area. The one between local SEO and Web Marketing is a very fortunate combination that, if applied correctly to the real estate market, can generate qualified contacts and lead to the achievement of important goals.

Local SEO is mainly focused on the implementation of an organic positioning strategy, designed for those SMEs that operate on a smaller market than the national or regional, local one! By the way, do you remember when we told you about the great marketing strategies dedicated to small real estate agencies?

The main objective of Local SEO is to increase visibility to corporate sites that carry out a commercial activity, such as real estate, having as its object the sale of goods and services in a specific geographical area. This strategy has now become indispensable for the real estate agent, who is in close contact with the client every day, even for the one who is in the initial phase of the entrepreneurial activity and has the urgent need to make his own company known to the outside world. Business reality.

Local SEO vs. traditional SEO: what are the differences?

Traditional SEO is a marketing technique designed to optimize and make the company website as “friendly” as possible for search engines, through relevant keywords. Essentially, websites that use traditional SEO may not even be geolocated. Companies, bloggers, marketers, use this type of SEO to improve their visibility and increase their traffic through creative, relevant and reliable content.

Local SEO is a marketing technique capable of building reliability and relevant signs in specific territories, as well as optimizing the site with local keywords based on monthly searches by users, such as, for example, “rental houses Rome”. Some local SEO results are usually tagged with:

  • Customer ratings
  • Reviews
  • Information (time, direction, phone number)

Nowadays, to increase your customer portfolio in the area in which you operate, and not suffer the competitiveness of your competitors, you certainly need a website and a series of essential services to make it easily visible locally. On Google and other minor search engines.

local real estate SEOHow to get the most out of a local SEO strategy?

There are several steps you can take to make your local real estate marketing effective. Below you will find some valid suggestions that will help increase the credibility of your real estate agency in the area and also all the quotes that your business receives on other websites and platforms in the sector. The site of your real estate business will become a real resource for your business.

Activate Google My Business

When it comes to local real estate SEO it is impossible to overlook this tool made available by Google, free and indispensable for all today’s professionals. This system allows real estate agencies to get in touch with people who are currently looking for a real estate agency in a specific place, for example, “Milan real estate agency”.

Within this tool, you can manage your online presence, through the description of your company values, who you are and what you do, in short, everything you need to make it easier for your potential customers to find you. In this regard, it is necessary to be as clear and transparent as possible, explaining in-depth the services offered and the precise place where your real estate business is located. In addition, Google My Business allows you to insert images that tell your everyday real estate business. Surely, have high-resolution images available, perhaps even professional ones (find out how to take quality photographs for your real estate ads), becomes a really useful tool to increase the visibility of your real estate agency.

According to data processed by Google, commercial activities that constantly publish photographs, obtain 42% more requests for contacts, road information on Google Maps and 35% more access to the Internet site, compared to those who do not believe in the power of photography.

By activating Google My Business for your real estate business, you will have the ability to respond to reviews from your customers, and this will allow you to demonstrate your interest in the opinions expressed regarding your work. Remember that reviews on the site and other social channels are the digital word of mouth through which people use the experience of others to get advice on the best services: this will also help to optimize your local real estate SEO!

Google My Real Estate BusinessWrite quality and mobile-friendly content

As we saw earlier, content optimization in a real estate local SEO strategy must be your starting point. Choose the keywords to be included in the pages of your website with extreme care: the more relevant they are, the more you will have the chance to appear well positioned on search engines. Also, writing quality content with a minimum length of about 500 words will give you an advantage over the competition, because Mr. Google really likes quality, well-researched text. In addition to the most suitable keywords to insert in the text, be careful to include them in the title and subtitle of your content!

Remember to think mobile-friendly when writing your content. Today most of the traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, which are often used by users with the geolocation service. In this case, if the position is activated on the mobile device, the user simply has to type on the keyboard “real estate agency” to view all the real estate agencies in his immediate vicinity.

Finally, keep in mind that searches carried out from mobile are mainly vocal, so we suggest you set up your company website as if you wanted to answer a specific question from users, who use a more colloquial language for voice searches, such as for example “find me a real estate agency in Rome”.

Value the three main factors for localization

There are several factors that favour and determine the positioning of a business in local search results, such as relevance, distance, evidence.

As mentioned at the beginning, the completeness of the information will facilitate the work of Google when it tries to find a correspondence between what the users is looking for and the information contained on the website of your real estate agency.

You can analyze this parameter in two different ways:

  • Through the geolocation of your device (smartphone, tablet)
  • Through the information that Google stores in a specific place (perhaps during the search for the same information by another user)

The evidence:
It is about the authority of activity, its popularity. If your real estate agency has an excellent online reputation, it will be reviewed by your customers with the classic 5 stars, most likely Google will take this into account and propose your agency as a relevant result when someone searches for a real estate agency in a certain place.

We hope that these real estate local SEO tips will be useful for you to better position your real estate agency and improve your visibility on the net!