Nodal view: HDR photos, virtual tours and real estate videos from your smartphone

Nodal view

Today on the WeAgentz blog we are addressing an issue that has always been very dear to us and which in 2020 has become very topical, since Italy is also preparing to face the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, which will force millions of workers to adapt to new conditions.

We suspected it, but even the most sceptical should have understood it by now, trying it on their skin during the difficult months of March, April and May: modern real estate agencies need to create a digital set that can allow and facilitate their activities even from remote, even when you are not in a physical office, even when unpredictable negative events such as a global pandemic should recur.

You have probably already understood, today’s theme is the new technologies that are allowing the most enterprising real estate agents to carry out virtual guided tours, as well as essential tools linked to visual communication, such as professional photographs, 360 ° photos and videos.

A real estate communication strategy that contemplates this set of tools, even more so if integrated and complete but still smart and simple to use, is what every real estate agent of 2020 should have in order not to risk “staying at the stake”, modernizing their own way of working and enhancing one’s professionalism in the eyes of customers and potential customers.

To investigate these issues, we reached Tommaso Sagnelli, Head of Development in Italy at Nodalview, and a well-established reality in the sector, who showed us every aspect of this tool.

Hi Tommaso, you are here to tell us about Nodal view. Can you tell us more about the company?

Of course, the creation of Nodal view dates back to 2016; after 3 years of organic growth, in 2019 we received a loan that allowed the expansion of our structure. Today we are 40 employees, and we have exceeded 10,000 active users. Which positions us as Europe’s leading smartphone photo solution.

But specifically, what is Nodal view?

Nodal view is a solution that integrates the 4 tools that a real estate agent might need: photos, videos, virtual tours and remote visits. It is a complete and intelligent solution that combines the smartphone application (to take photos, 360 ° photos or videos) with a desktop interface from which a multitude of functions can be accessed.

The real strength of this tool is professional rendering! Our powerful intelligent algorithm processes images within seconds, allowing our customers to simply push a button. Time savings are therefore important.

Are you talking about 4 tools in particular, could you tell us something more?

The real estate agent has the right to choose the tools that best lend themselves to his working methods, specifically:

  • Photo: Enables you to stimulate your customers’ interest in the properties they deal with, with high-quality professional photos
  • 360 ° photos and virtual tour: the agent can take immersive 360 ​​° photos and mount the virtual tour. Thus offering its customers an interactive and digital experience to complete its ads
  • Video:  c on the photos, 360 ° photos and video clips, the agent can mount promotional video of the property that is thanks to an easy-to-use and intuitive. You can later share it on social media, on your ads or in your showcase
  • Real estate visit 3.0 (or remotely):  this cutting-edge tool, a mix between a videoconference and a virtual tour, allows you to visit the properties virtually and pre-qualify customers before considering a physical visit

Undoubtedly very interesting and useful for real estate agents, but where did the idea of ​​creating a solution like this come from?

The idea was born in 2016: Thomas Lepelaars and Mickael Ligot create the start-up Nodalview. At the time it was clear that real estate agents did not have a single solution to simply and autonomously develop their visual communication and commercial performance. The idea was therefore to allow agents to enhance their duties by highlighting their professionalism; all thanks to professional quality images that could be made directly with their smartphone.

So are you telling us that any real estate agent can and should use Nodalview?

Yes, it is suitable for all real estate professionals who want to improve their communication and who are ready to embrace the digitization of their profession. Easy to use and intuitive, the only need is to have a smartphone. We are also here to support and advise agents and consultants (via webinar, calls, chat, etc…).

There is no need for expensive equipment or expert knowledge/training to use Nodal view, so it is suitable for everyone (click here to try the demo).

And yes, because more than 10,000 agents already trust us and give us real feedback on the change that the solution has brought to their way of working (more sales, more contacts, more visits…).

What makes Nodal view unique in today’s market?

The heart of our solution is our cutting-edge technology, in fact we are the only ones on the market capable of converting the smartphone into the only photographic tool an agent might need. Key benefits include time savings through cloud transfers, intelligent algorithm and automated professional branding.

The importance of visual content is now fundamental to offer a real estate asset in the best possible way and it is for this reason that our solution is so successful. Despite all this technology and personalized assistance to our customers, we position ourselves with extremely advantageous prices when compared with the competition. All without constraints or limits of use.

What technology do you use to achieve such a rendering on each view?

A solution that uses smartphone technology, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to produce high quality images instantly.

To be precise, AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing) is used, which allows us to go beyond HDR (High Dynamic Range). During a capture, 11 shots are captured at different exposures and our algorithm selects the best pixels from each of these shots to optimize the photo: bright, backlight-free and professional-quality.

The news, amplified by the spread of smart working, has given rise to a sort of craze for videoconferencing and virtual visit tools. How would you explain this new trend?

The need for agents to reinvent themselves in the face of an increasingly digital market and clientele. To all must be added the current situation, which in fact prevents or limits both visits and contacts with customers. Consequently, it was necessary to find new solutions to avoid wasting time and unnecessary contacts, especially in the pre-qualification phase of the customer.

How does Nodal view fit into this trend?

The virtual tour is now very trendy, the customer is getting used to visiting properties from the comfort of his home. The remote virtual visit is having a surge in use, it is increasingly being incorporated into the procedures of real estate agencies. Having the ability to be in audio and video contact with the customer (s) when they visit one or more properties virtually is a great advantage.

Nodal view is riding this trend, offering agents more and more tools to improve the digital experience of the final consumer. We are in fact developing more and more features in this interface, which will therefore increase the interactivity of this tool.