Real estate and social networks: WhatsApp real estate

whatsapp real estate

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application bought by Facebook for 19 billion dollars in 2014, is probably the communication application with the fastest growing in the world and in some countries it is even more popular than Facebook itself (deepening on Facebook for the sector real estate ). Many real estate agencies that we have helped have asked us just how to use Whatsapp for their strategies. The answer is, of course, to apply our real estate WhatsApp strategies, which we propose in this guide article.

In fact, WhatsApp is not only a messaging application but also has another fundamental aspect that has made it so attractive and deserving of a stellar evaluation: the business side. As far as real estate is concerned, this aspect has developed a lot in recent years, especially in other parts of the world, so today we will explain how to implement an effective real estate WhatsApp strategy for your agency, so as to make you become the pioneers. Of a new, more innovative and disruptive era than WhatsApp in the business world and in particular in that of Real Estate. 

Enter into a WhatsApp Real Estate perspective

First of all, you have to understand one thing: WhatsApp, unlike most social media, considers spam as unacceptable, and for this reason the use of the app in this sense has no advantage; rather it is a must to use it to exchange value with your contacts, to increase engagement and business with them.
In addition to this, you should know that WhatsApp gets 40% more responses on average than direct calls via mobile phone. Nobody appreciates calls from an unknown or unregistered number, we are much more likely to respond to personal messages. Think for example if you have emailed your property list to a potential buyer, and he hasn’t sent you an answer, what do you do? You can send an email, call him or send a short message on WhatsApp asking what he thinks: the latter option will probably earn you a faster response.

The main advantages of WhatsApp

Many companies have begun to develop an interest in using WhatsApp for inter-and intra-company management substantially due to its speed: being WhatsApp an Instant Messaging platform, it allows you to send both text messages and images, videos and voice messages, and for this reason, it could undoubtedly be one of the best applications to use to send photos and videos of properties and any other type of information to your customers. This quality, therefore, completes the ability to foster relationships with your customers, giving them the opportunity to provide you with those immediate answers and feedback that you can immediately use to your advantage.

In fact, the possibility of providing personalized assistance in real-time is a fundamental feature to create or strengthen the trust of your contacts towards you.

Another important quality of WhatsApp is that it can improve the positioning of your agency. Thanks to the ability to customize relationships with each customer, it is possible to get to know each of them more deeply, to plan and carry out ad hoc marketing and communication activities.

Last but not least, is the possibility of facilitating the coordination of the agency team: this allows a great gain in terms of efficiency and also of effectiveness? Furthermore, with the introduction of the WhatsApp Web, it is possible to use the application directly on your computer, simply by connecting the latter with the mobile app via Wi-Fi. This will make it even easier to use the application.

Activate a WhatsApp Real Estate strategy

Now that you understand how useful WhatsApp can be for your business, let’s see what it means to set up a real estate WhatsApp strategy.

> Make your brand a person

Let’s imagine you have already understood that the characteristics of WhatsApp oblige a real estate agency to act as a person, an acquaintance, towards the client as much as possible. For this reason, the first thing to do is to immerse yourself in the role of a personal brand, also promoting the values ​​and communication strategy of the agency with it.

By doing so, the clients of the agency will feel that they are interacting with someone and not with an abstract entity, in this way they will be more incentivized to ask questions about your properties, tell their experiences and share photos and videos.

The management of a real estate WhatsApp account should not be left to chance, but must be set up from a marketing perspective, so it would be good if the account was managed by the marketing manager or customer service employee. In case you don’t have someone who takes care of these things, you can create a fictional character that will be used in every campaign in which you want to create involvement, but be sure that the number of your real estate WhatsApp is well specified in each media used to spread it.

> Offer value to attract leads

It’s hard to get someone’s attention without guaranteeing something in return, so to get someone to contact you, you need to be giving away something your users can get. Whether they are discounts on consultancy or eBooks, in any case, it is necessary to give in order to have.

WhatsApp has a much higher engagement rate than all other social media, so it is essential that you create interesting content for your contacts, and share interesting news and interviews through the application, for example.

> Provide fast and dynamic assistance

In this case, it is essential to have resources, human and otherwise, able to offer a satisfactory service, in fact, there is nothing worse than creating a real estate WhatsApp account and leaving it to itself.

Once the real estate WhatsApp strategy of your agency has been defined, it is necessary to develop an action plan that covers each of the important aspects for its implementation.

Create a marketing campaign for real estate WhatsApp

To define the right strategy you have to ask yourself some questions:

– What am I offering the customer?
– What content will I share through my real estate WhatsApp account?
– How long will the campaign last?
– How will I segment the audience?
– How often will I send communications?
– Who will be in charge of implementing the strategy?
– How will I measure the performance of the campaign?

It must be said, however, that activating real estate WhatsApp marketing campaigns is not very effective if done with small lists, rather it is the case to activate them on the occasion of particular events, such as an Open House or a conference or meeting. This is the only way to create the prerequisite for launching the agency’s new communication channel and finally dialogue with its users.

Some more tips

To conclude, we have decided to give you 9 other useful tips for the implementation of real estate WhatsApp.

– Use the other channels to promote your real estate WhatsApp account
– Use WhatsApp only after your contacts have started a relationship with you through other channels
– Keep a tone that is not too informal when communicating
– It is essential to answer questions immediately ( for more information on the importance of immediate responses in real estate, click here )
– Do visual marketing activities, posting images and videos of the properties in your price list
– Indicate the times when the WhatsApp service is available
– Do not send messages too frequently
– Don’t ignore user questions and feedback
– Create groups, but not between people who have no connection with each other


WhatsApp has become a very popular communication tool, and this is mainly due to its simplicity and affordability. Start using it, adopting an effective real estate WhatsApp strategy, and you will immediately see the results.