Real Estate News -January 2021

Real Estate News

Here is the usual article by the WeAgentz editorial staff with the main news of the real estate sector of the month of December 2021. Week by week, we collect the main news concerning the Real Estate sector, for the benefit of all those who want to stay up to date on the news of the real estate sector.

First week:

  • Bergamo, the 1st half of 2021 marks recovery in the real estate market with + 4.5% of sales, which is however following a stagnation in the 2nd half. The Bergamo people prefer new and energy-efficient houses, they are also attentive to the context in which they are inserted. ( Bergamo Courier )
  • Mortgages in decline in Italy, against a general increase in the number of sales: if last year the purchase of the house associated with the mortgage happened in 58.2% of cases, in 2021 we are only 51.8%. The very low rates drive investment operations into the brick, which still ensures a high ROI. ( News Now )
  • Gaetti, the new report on the office market reveals a clearly growing sector in Milan and Rome in the first 9 months of the year. Volumes more than doubled for the capital (the centre, the EUR and the new business district on the Rome-Fiumicino axis drive growth), while Milan is driven by the Porta Nuova Business District. ( InterNews )
  • Turin, the real estate agents adhering to Fimaa require a courageous plan to renovate Turin buildings, within a policy of urban regeneration and redevelopment. Real estate renovation is the key to giving the capital a more advanced and sustainable face, with lower management costs. ( ANSA )
  • Genoa, Fiaip’s Agenda is back. The event will take place on December 12, from 10 to 19, in the Sale dell Grid of the Palazzo Della Bursa, an excellent opportunity to discover all the news of the real estate world. Workshops are also planned by Auxiliary Finance, WikiCasa, Whiz, Realistic and many others. ( Savona News )
  • Rome, 10 arrests for corruption and auction disruption to the detriment of the state. The offences concern the management and renovation of properties owned by the pension fund of the Ministry of Finance. A preventive seizure order was also carried out for a value of over 9 million euros. ( TgCom24 )

Second week:

  • Bascom Torino and Fimaa on protecting: technologies can help operators in the real estate sector, but the human factor cannot be bypassed, even as a guarantee for the customer. So beware of the possible negative effects of a distorted use of digital technology, which can end up taking away space from the traditional sector. ( Turin Today )
  • Tecnocasa data for the 1st half of 2021: prices down by 1.9% in mountain resorts. The houses of the Abruzzi Apennines suffer the most, dropping by 6.3%. The decline, albeit more moderate, also in the North: -2.4% for the Val d’Aosta, Piedmont loses 1%, substantial stability in Trenten-Alto Adige. ( The Real Estate Market )
  • Outlook 2020 by Cushman & Wakefield, here are the trends of the non-residential real estate sector in 2020. From the impact of automation to major political and economic changes, from the transformation of retail to the ongoing climate emergency, what will be the next repercussions on Real Estate? ( idealist )
  • Thrusters will be the first crowdfunding platform to adopt the blockchain in Italy, to track and guarantee the presentation and negotiation activity within its portal. This will be possible thanks to the partnership with the Swiss company Swiss Crowd, a pioneer of blockchain in real estate. ( Yahoo Finance )
  • In Miami you buy a T-shirt and win an apartment. The limited-edition Diesel designer T-shirts have in fact an exorbitant value, ranging from over 1 million to 5 and a half million dollars: by buying one, you also get “free” one of the 143 apartments that make up the luxury condominium Diesel in Miami. ( Elle )
  • No extension for the flat-rate tax on shops: the flat tax of 21% on commercial property leases in cadastral category C / 1 introduced last year, expires on 31 December. However, only those who sign the rental contract by the end of the year will be able to take advantage of the reduced taxation. ( Carrier Della Sera )

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Third week:

  • Lombardy is confirmed as the leading region for real estate: in 2021 + 13.3% of sales, against + 9.8% of the national average. Second place for Veneto, with + 12.5%, then Emilia-Romagna with + 11.6%. According to Scenario Immobiliari and, growth will be confirmed also in 2020. ( Yahoo Finance )
  • St. John Properties, $ 10 million Christmas gift to its employees. The Baltimore (United States) real estate company finds a better way to thank the staff, with cash prizes reaching $ 270,000 each, 50,000 on average, depending on the length of the partnership with the company. ( Il )
  • Real estate investments, how much is it worth buying a house in 2020? Mortgages at an all-time low and a drastic drop in second-hand prices mean that even in the New Year the brick continues to be a “safe haven” asset for savers: 30-40% drop in property prices by 20%. 30 years, -10-20% on the almost new. ( Business Online )
  • In 2021 demand (+ 5.9%) and prices (+ 2.2%) of real estate in Italy increase, according to a report by New construction accounts for less than 10% of total supply, which remains weak in large cities relative to demand. Milan, Rome and Bologna are the top three cities by a number of sales.  ( Il Sole 24 Ore )
  • Airbnb, according to the EU court, is not a real estate agency, but an information society service. The ruling concerning the well-known short-term rental platform arrives in France: neither the mediation service nor the ancillary services offered demonstrate the existence of a decisive influence on accommodation services.  ( The Republic )
  • The donation continues to be the main tool for the distribution of wealth in the family for Italians: according to a report by the Notarial, the 1st half of 2021 recorded a + 2.29% for real estate donations, of which 35% of the total is in the South. Corporate donations also increased sharply.  ( Yahoo Finance )

Fourth week:

  • On 24 December 2021, Parliament definitively passed the much-discussed 2020 Budget Law. Here are all the tax news of interest for the construction and real estate sectors: from the dry coupon to the Imu-Tasi unification, up to the extension of the Building Bonus and Eco bonus and the introduction of the Facade Bonus. ( University Web )
  • The President of Fail, Gain Battista Baccarini, regarding the economic manoeuvre just launched by the government: “There is no real national plan for the sector. A national real estate plan is urgently needed which includes an organic tax reform, as well as a reform of the rental sector. ” ( Italpress )
  • Home bonuses, the Camera-Crème Report says that in 2021 Italians made 29 million euros of investments, which in 20 years reached 322 billion euros, for a total of 19.5 million interventions. More than 62.5% of Italian homes estimated by ISTAT involved positive impact on employment. ( Edilportale )
  • UTP real estate credit fund is born: Amcor and the Prelims Group have signed an agreement with Monte die Paschal di Siena, Uri Banka and Bunco Bpm relating to the creation of a fund and a platform to manage UTP credits in the real estate sector. Objective 1.5 billion euro of portfolio under management. ( ANSA )
  • Real estate market, Varese finds the numbers of 2009. A positive balance is that of the last year drawn up by Fail, with about 10 thousand sales in the entire Province and + 9% in the Lombard capital alone, which has a thousand transactions to its credit. Rents are also doing well and continue to grow throughout the Varese area. ( Net55 )
  •, the point on investments in Italian startups made in recent years. From to, up to Aula, Pronator and Housing Anywhere: the common element among the funded projects is the potential to establish themselves on a global scale, all with a view to Open Innovation and know-how transfer. ( Startup Italia )