What a modern real estate agent should know

modern real estate agent

Over the years and with the advent of social media, the figure of the real estate agent has changed. Specific skills, know-how and knowledge of the market are the main qualities of a professional in the real estate sector, but they are not the only tricks up your sleeve at your disposal.

In this article, we will show you everything you need to be a modern real estate agent, in step with the times and with the new marketing strategies to implement your business in the best way.

6 Things a Modern Real Estate Agent Should Know

You will have noticed that the real estate universe changes and renews itself every day. That’s why you too, as a licensed real estate agentshould evolve and improve by staying on the same wavelength as these changes, which are nothing more than the advancement of your professional sector.

Below, we show you the latest real estate trends that will help you find your way to becoming a modern real estate agent:

    1. You don’t wear as if you were a salesman
    2. Invest in yourself
    3. Grow with your customers
    4. Invest in web marketing
    5. Focus on social media
    6. Use new technologies

Let’s proceed by analyzing each point.

1. You don’t wear as if you were a salesman

Being a modern real estate agent means having a lot of personal and professional resources. But selling is no longer a mandatory skill to be a professional in this industry.

There are different ways in which you can present your professional figure and your business to customers, without necessarily being labelled as a salesman.

It is time to say goodbye to the typical image of the door-to-door salesman, a figure that is still embodied by too many real estate agents of the traditional school. Rather, put yourself as a consultant. Only in this way, you will be able to distinguish yourself from competitors.

2. Invest in yourself

Nowadays, in the real estate business world, investing in yourself has become the best way to earn well and therefore also to feel fully satisfied with your work. You may be wondering where to start.

You might consider enrolling in a life-coaching, personal or professional training course in order to identify your qualities and understand how to best use them so that your business can be successful.

Your coach will be able to give you the right support, giving you the feeling of not being alone, of being able to distinguish yourself by playing on your strengths. In these courses, you will learn some secrets of success as a real estate agent and to face all the inevitable challenges of this beautiful but difficult job.

There are also many ways to invest in your professional training: courses, free webinars, blogs, ebooks and much more, to then end up in real professionalizing and enabling courses organized by organizations and trade associations.

3. Grow with your customers

Always remember that growing together with your customers will help you achieve your goals. In some circumstances, small transactions can pave the way for more meaningful and successful deals.

And it is precisely in these cases that you will get maximum profit and satisfaction. This is one of the real estate trends that you should embrace as soon as possible in your career. So, don’t be disappointed when a deal or transaction fails to produce the return you expected.

As we mentioned earlier, don’t make the mistake of appearing as a door-to-door salesperson – this won’t get you, qualified customers. To help you with this, consult platforms designed specifically for the figure of the real estate agent, just like WeAgentz.

Platforms of this type will help you to increase your web reputation, to make effective personal branding, to become an expert in marketing and sales strategies, and much more!

4. Invest in web marketing

Why could investing in a web marketing plan for your real estate agency be one of your best investments? We found some really interesting ones:

  • Target customers: thanks to the tools used in real estate web marketing to communicate, you will have the opportunity to perfectly profile your potential customers. This result is already incredible in itself, as it will save you time and energy that you are wasting instead to keep up with clients who are often not at all suitable for dealing with a real estate transaction.
  • Acquire leads: using tools such as funnel marketing or email marketing, you can generate new leads that will feed your database of targeted contacts. The most experienced agents will remember how much effort it took before the advent of the World Wide Web to succeed in this intent.
  • Make your agency visible: thanks to real estate web marketing, your and your agency’s visibility will increase exponentially. The more potential customers your brand draws, the better your chances of conversion will be.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors: to optimize this aspect, you will have to hurry. If it is true that digital marketing will certainly make your agency different from its competitors, it is now equally certain that the process of change has already been underway for some time, so soon the whole real estate sector will adapt to what you know they will seem like novelties destined for a select few. So, keep up with modern times and you will not regret it, there are consulting agencies that can follow you step by step in this digital transformation process!

5. Focus on social media

Social channels can be great tools to get your agency a higher ranking, attract new customers and increase sales. The real estate sector is very similar to a “people’s business” and, not surprisingly, social media is fueled by the continuous interaction between people.

That’s why we recommend that you focus on your social media – they will be the fuel of your business. Never underestimate the commercial potential of social media marketing. Facebook and LinkedIn are the most popular social platforms used in Italy by real estate agents.

But don’t forget to Instagram and Pinterest for posting news and announcements. If structured well, social campaigns can get people talking about you and your businesses, increasing your reputation and credibility as a real estate professional.

6. Use new technologies

As a real estate agent, it is your job to provide valuable information to buyers and above all to give them an idea about the use of the property they are interested in. Like? You can use the furnished plans and the virtual tours, even remotely guided. 

Thanks to guided VTs, in fact, enabled real estate agents can save up to a third of their time: through the use of 360 ° virtual reality visits in the period of the first lockdown between March and May 2020, for example, real estate agencies have registered a clear acceleration of negotiations, also turning to selected and referenced customers and therefore more inclined to buy.

Evaluations and negotiations are also migrating to digital: always during the first lockdown, those looking for and selling homes have increased the use of digital tools to interact with real estate agents. In addition to virtual tours, there is a boom in the use of platforms with evaluation algorithms, tools for videoconferencing, digital signature.

The key strategies of a modern real estate agent

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of everything a modern real estate agent should know and be in order to have a successful career.

You have experienced firsthand how important it is to take advantage of digital opportunities, focus on improving your career path and investing in your intellectual abilities.

All with the aim of being a real estate agent who knows how to exploit the new tools and techniques of the real estate market.